BTS Comeback #AlmostReady

Okay it seems that I am physically ready for their comeback. I just need to get my emotions on check because they're all over the place. My emotions will probably just stay all over the place At least I am half ready... -I have my pillows to scream and cry in. -I have my stuff animals to hug and fangirl with (because I don't have a human to do so with) -I have my bed sheets to snuggle in. -Last but not least I have tissues, toilet paper, and bounty (idk what is called kitchen paper maybe? I dunno english is not my first language) but yeah they're all going to be use to clean my tears and snot away. I should probably also get some eye drops so my eyes won't hurt that much from all the tears. So yeah guys I'm almost good for later today and tomorrow!✌

On a completely unralated topic... I found my Pucca watch on my treasure hunting(cleaning) I got so happy this was my first Korean encounter I'm just sad that i can't wear it because is broken and I also miss this show Okay I'm done. Bye guys and ARMYs try to survive the wave of emotions stay safe ✋

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