ALi and C-CLOWN have collaborated for a digital single! The Yedang Entertainment artists got together to sing “It Was Like That Then“, a medium tempo R&B Hip-Hop song that talks about the memory of an innocent love, which is the work of Kim Tae Joo and B2ST‘s Junhyung (aka Joker), whom C-CLOWN has worked with before for their previous song “Cold“. The label described the song, saying, “It’s a completely different feel from ALi’s emotional ballad or C-CLOWN’s soft but strong charismatic song. It’s a lovely song that will make listeners think about their innocent love.” They also revealed that the two artists are gearing up for comebacks of their own: “ALi is currently preparing to create a new song, and C-CLOWN is preparing a new album after ‘SOLO‘ and ‘Because You Might Grow Distant‘. It will be released on the 18th, and the boys are busy with music video filming.” As we wait for their new releases, take a listen to their collaborative digital single below, and also check out their recording session footage!

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