My Inner Bad Ass

This card is in response to one made by my friend@shannonl5 asking for our inner bad ass xD First up is my anime inner bad ass Tenchi Masaki from Tenchi Myuo. He was your average teenager until he unlocks his true power and is hurled into crazy adventures. The light hawk wings he can create and control are amazing xD

Next up is my video game inner bad ass Red the Hunter. He's a bounty hunter in a world that exist after humanity has ended. With a tremendous power within him he can save his world xD

Last but not least is my inner comic bad ass Spiderman. We all know that "With Great power comes great responsibility." He not only battles evil but also against himself to be more than just a hero. Spiderman is a hero you can really relate to and has faults we all can understand and connect with. xD

"Any day can be a holiday when you cosplay." XD
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