Badass Anime Characters : Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!

Only this man can simultaneously bring people to tears while also making them wet their pants. As a victim to his horrible temper, Shizuo can’t stand violence at heart and seeks to control his destructive outbursts that lead to massive destruction around Ikebukuro. He adores his kid brother and seeks to be more like him. Unfortunately, he does not have that luxury since Izaya seeks to make Shizuo’s life a living hell. Since a young age, Shizuo was prone to destroy things when his temper flared up. It was only when a kind woman gave him milk that he was placated, but when he found she was being extorted for money, he blew up and ended up injuring her in his wrath. Since then, Shizuo has felt absolutely horrible and has sought to control his massive outbursts of strength thanks to adrenaline rushes linked to his anger. In raw strength, Shizuo is almost unmatched. He can often be seen chucking vending machines towards Izaya whenever he makes an appearance in Ikebukuro. One time in particular, Shizuo dismantled a large road sign and used it as a scythe in order to cut a car in half. He also fought off a horde of people controlled by a bloodthirsty, love sword while being stabbed repeatedly. When Shizuo fights, he loses the feeling of pain and is indestructible to Izaya chagrin.

Episodes: 26 Aired: January 2010 – June 2010

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