Okay ARMYs there is currently 2hours and 40minutes until the official release of the run MV and 화양연화 pt2 release. So until then we should ban together as an ARMY (pun intended) and spam the teaser trailers and V app recent videos of BTS. If we work together we can show BTS just how much their fans are waiting and supporting them. Lets do it for our boys! FIGHTING !!!

 First we need to get the Comback Trailer (which consists of one sexy asf voice) to 1million+ views. It is currently at just over 649,000 views.

Get the RUN MV teaser also at over a million views (currently over 712,000 views).

The 화양련화 pt2 Album preview over a million views as well (just over 627,000 at the moment)

And if course the cursed video that started this whole thing, the prologue. Which i am ashamed to say only just barely has over 509,000 views... COME ON ARMYS !!!

After thats all done and dusted then we spam their V app videos with hearts and show them just how much we ARMYs care and love them !!!!! And how excited we are for the new album to be released!!! WE CAN DO THIS ARMYS!!! FOR OUR BOYS!!!!!! FIGHTING !!!!

~Dont be trapped in some else dream~ BTS (N.O)
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