Soft Pumpkin Pie - Galore (So Beautiful!!!!)

Hat(similar)- Yellow Chunky Necklace- Orange Dress- Cute Plaid Coat- Thrifted Orange Purse- Volcom Ballet flats- I know it's spring and this kind of plaid really isn't wearable in this season, but I just liked this outfit so much I had to do a post on it!!! I found this super cute coat at a thrift store for a mere dollar. The dress was sent to me by sugarlips. I used to have real trouble with their clothing not ever fitting just right, but with the new products they've sent me, I can say they have really fixed that problem! I really wasn't sure what to pair with the color orange, but I decided fixing it up with a nice deep cranberry color was the way to go for me! I think it's a bit of an interesting mix you don't see too often. I was right next to the dog park... so I had to go over and stalk some CORGIS!!! Look how dang cute they are. I'm so jealous of that man and his horde of corgis... what a lucky dude. Have a great spring break everyone!

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