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Man I must say: what a great anime. I will treasure it, that's for sure Because of that, I'll give it a shot at giving breif general synopsis but I can't make any promises if it will be satisfying enough BUT what I can promise is that if you are into a cute story with the feels, comedy and intersting characters with a pretty solid ending as well, then this is the anime for you! (Very vague I know) But it is very balanced in comedy and seriousness.

Here It Goes...

Beyond the Boundary (Anime) 12ep

So this anime takes place in a world where there are Spirit World Warriors who have, you guessed it, spiritual powers and a variation at that. Then there are Youmu who are a species basically made from the darkness in peoples hearts. Spirit World Warriors go around defeating different Youmu by which they make a living from in effort to maintain balance amongst the human world. The main male character is Akihito Kanbara who is a rare half Youmu half human. He has a glasses fetish and "Bespectacled Beauty" is something you will hear alot from him haha. The leading lady is Mirai Kuriyama who is a spirit world warrior that is the last of her clan which is considered cursed because of the clans ability to use their own blood as a weapon. She wears red glasses and her idiosyncratic saying is "How unpleasant." ^.^ There are also other super awesome characters that make the anime even more exciting and entertaining as you watch including the Nase family which governs the spirit world warrior territory they all live in and play a pretty important roles with the flow of the anime: Mitsuki, who loves to test Akihito Hiroomi, who has sister complex with Mitsuki Izumi, the oldest sister and leader of their clan Plus more characters but I'll let you discover them as you go ^.^ Every episode pulled me in so in my opinion it is very intersting all the way through for different reasons as the story progresses. I'll leave it there with the explanation and leave you with the ending song which makes me super happy and I also feel like it can give you a general vibe of the anime. Enjoy ^.^

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