Hope Day! Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope Day 7

Omg i know I'm late on doing this today! But here it is. Sorry if it's all messy. Time to talk about BTS' Hope! ☺️

Favorite thing about Hoseok? His aegyo! It's cute and funny at the same time.. Too adorable ☺️😍

Don't you agree? He is the king of aegyo in BTS

No words.. But That lip biting tho 🙈☺️❤️

When he is in rapper mode... *squeals*

Those smiles!!!

And some other reasons why J-Hope is the joy and Hope of BTS! ❤️ Sarnaghae Hoseok Hyung

Thanks for checking this out. And we have survived BTS Hell Week! We survived surprise concept photos, unexpected MV teaser, and album preview. And to top it off we survived and MV drop as well today. Although we had all kinds of feels, we made it! Now, Just to survive that album drop tomorrow...

I entered the world of K-Pop through BigBang.... BUT.... I fell in LOVE with K-Pop thanks to BTS ❤️😍💕 Will forever be an ARMY!
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