Naruto Couples


1.Naruto and Hinata) In my Opinion, I think Naruto and Hinata are the cutest couple in Naruto. Just the way she always had a thing for him, but of course he was clueless, until the end.


2. Sasuke and Sakura) In all honesty I really thought sasuke should've died and then sakura would be with Sai. Even though I'm not to fond on this couple I still think it was a good pairing in the end, especially with little Sarada on their hands.


3. Shikamaru and Temari) I really love this couple. Lets face it we all knew that they were gonna marry each other. This couple was always one of the most obvious couples in "Naruto". I just love little Shikadai!

4. Ino and Sai) This couple is adorable. It was cute and funny when Sai called her Ms. Pretty. hehe poor Sakura.

5. Choji and Karui) This was just unexpected...

Comment which couple is your Favorite! Ps. this is my first card , so I hope you like it

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