Jeju With V

Y\N= Your name V had a Week off so he wanted to take you somewhere. Somewhere special. V was planning to take you a on an trip to Jeju for a week. You asked v where you and v where going for the week but V didn't tell you. Finally you guys were at the airport. V covered your ears when you entered the airport so you wouldn't hear where you and him were going. After a couple minutes you guys got on the plane to jeju. While on the plane ride you and v were talking about your relationships. You told v that your going to take a nap. V said okay I'll wake you up when we arrive okay. Okay you said. ~~~~1hour later~~~~ Y/N wake up were here. You woke up and started exiting the plane. You followed V where he was going and it soon leaded to a cab. You and v enter the cab and v said to the to driver to take you and him to the hotel you guys were staying at. 30 minutes later you guys had reached your hotel. You and v step out of the cab and enter the hotel. Then v asked the lady at the front table which room would he and you will be staying at. The lady said room 245 sir. V and you said thank you and went to find the room. Finally you and v found your rooms and you started asking v where you and v are at but v said he'll tell you later. You said okay. Later that day you and v went to a near by beach close by the hotel. You change into a bikini with a big white T-shirt over you. While v was wearing swim trunks and a white shirt. You guys went to the beach and went into the water and you buried V into the sand when he feel asleep. But you guys really had fun at the beach. And V finally told you where you and him where at. Later that night v had a surprise for you. V prepared an event for you at a expensive restaurant. V told you to wear something very beautiful and you just said okay. So you put on a Elegant Short Evening Dresses Bateau Backless Lace Purple Cap Sleeves Sheath Sexy Appliques Short Cocktail Gown. V wore a a tux that was blue. Later that night you and v where sitting at the table and finishing your foods. Right when you guys where about to leave but the lights dim down and shined on you and v. V slowly got up and said y/n you are the best thing that ever happen to me. We been dating for 4 years now and you change my life. Ever since you came into my life I've been happy. Plus i feel that  you should be in my life forever so would you marry me? You froze there with tears in your eyes and then said YES KIM TAEHYUNG I WILL MARRY YOU. After you said the v hugged you tight and the people around you started clapping and cheering. You and v went back to the hotel and celebrated the proposal. A\N Hey guys sorry for not posting these stories in a while. I took this story of my wattpad stories that are called kpop one shots. Hope you enjoy this one

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