GOT7: Confession Song

I FINALLY WATCHED IT!!! I loved it so much but I'm mad at the same time lol

Took some screen shots of the video hehe. YOUNGJAE'S FACE😂

Let me explain why I'm mad at the video....

JB made me laugh here when he went all deep and MARK WAS BEING FREAKING CUTE!


JB gave me the freaking goosebumps when he did this shit and my heart freaking stopped! Like NO JB, YOU NEED TO STOP

When Mark said MERRY CHRISTMAS I was like "Stop smiling you little shit! I love Jackson!!"

When I saw this I literally thought "Awe I would love to sleep with JB and just cuddle with him❤️" then I was like "I hate you😡 why you do this to me😭😭😭"

Then when he was acting all cute ☺️ I wanted to hit him 😡

I became a Yugyeom lol yelling at JB and Mark to stop trying to make their way into my heart. Like I love them all but my heart belongs to Jackson❤️

I was really thankful for Jackson when he did this because he made me laugh so much and smile like really big so I was like YAY JACKSON!! THAT WHY YOURE MY UB!❤️❤️ Because Jackson is so adorkable but he can be so sexy!

*Jackson farts* 😂😆 (just kidding I don't know if he did but it would've been hilarious if he did)

Here's the video for those who haven't seen it yet, like me; or for those who just want to re-watch these cuties❤️

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