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Oh boy, another Yu Yu Hakusho card!

Just kidding lol

If I could only pick one anime to watch for the rest of forever, YYH would be my go to. But I've already re-watched it quite a few times, so I thought I should try and go with something else. By the way, this question should never be asked again. Only one anime is a terrifying thought!


There's so many things I love about Tokyo Ghoul. The artwork and music being a couple of reasons (and that's including all the lovely fan art). All the colors and the opening song go beautifully together. If you're like me, hearing Unravel gets ya every time.

you can listen to it here

I also like that the bad guys are kind of the good guys and it shows how monstrous judgement can be.

Kaneki doesn't get a pep talk from one of his friends to keep him grounded. Instead he goes through a bit of a mental break after running on pure, raw fear and despair for so long. One of his greatest fears is being alone, so he decides to fully accept his ghoul side and do whatever necessary to protect what he cares about.

The way I see it, this isn't you're typical run of the mill anime. It shows a scenario where all the rainbows and butterflies have disappeared. And it definitely packs an emotional punch (and not because of romance).

Plus, the series is still ongoing and I just started the manga. So I wouldn't have a problem sticking with just this since it's not even finished yet.

Sorry for spamming this card with videos lol I've been wanting to share some of my favorite amv's and this seemed like a good excuse.

And you know I had to throw some YYH in somewhere! Haha

Credits go to AMV Jeremy and Anime Bros for the videos (in that order)

And credits to the various artists that drew the awesome fanart!

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