I'm so confused 😶

You guys may or may not have noticed but I've been on a mini hiatus lately. I say mini because I still liked/clipped/commented cards (that's enough to count as a hiatus for me). The reason for my absence is because I had to get my uc applications turned in before I left for my thanksgiving break (I went to Vegas). You guys obviously know this already but bts's mv dropped today (by the time I post this it'll be the 30th though) and I have yet to watch it because I've been on the road (sleeping) all day long. I'm typing all of this out in the minutes before my death (by music video). I've refrained from reading any cards about the mv but I got a notification that said "BTS Alert: THAT WAS TOO REAL" so I'm scared. Ok. I'm going to watch it now. Warning: there may be cursing ahead

What the fuck?! I'm so confused right now?! Is Jin dead or alive?! Ugh! So many feels right now! I think I need to sleep on this lol. This mv is way too much for the brain of someone who just woke up from a seven hour "nap". I'll read everyone's theories in the morning when my brain can actually process information correctly. Edit: I just woke up three minutes ago. I even dreamt about the mv lol. I have concluded that jin is dead and everyone else is acting wild because of that. Now I'll go check out the complicated theories you all have come up with.

Eat, sleep, school, fangirl, repeat
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