Fallout 4's Mini Nuke 3D Printed into Real Life


Okay, so maybe that's not the best way to get more Mini Nukes in-game. But it is the best way to terrify anyone that comes into your room or office. Can you imagine it? Can you see the look on Rachel's face when she walks into your office to give you that TPS report and she sees one of these things sitting on your desk?

"Yeah, that's a Mini Nuke." You'll tell her. And her eyes will be open wide as she asks, "But they're so expensive and rare to find in the Wasteland, how did you get one?" You'll smile and take the TPS report from her hand and chuckle. You'll tell her it's your little secret. And she'll be kind of scared of you for the rest of the time she works under you.

Fortunately for her though, she's been looking for other jobs because the eccentric nature of your work-style rubs her the wrong way. I mean, she's walked in on you playing Fallout 4 so many times now it's getting kind of ridiculous. Don't think your other employees don't notice this either. While you've been dicking around, 3D printing weaponry from a video game, Rachel's been gunning for your job.

While you've been making terrible puns about "nuclear firing" people who don't listen to you with your fake Mini Nuke, she's been making terrible puns about how you need to be "nuclear fired". She's taking your job, man, that's what I'm trying to say. Don't worry, it's okay. She's better at it than you. And you'll leave your job after not being able to suck it up and work for someone else but you'll 3D Print a whole bunch of video game stuff and sell them on your Etsy store. You'll make a good living. But you'll always remember how the Mini Nuke you 3D printed ended your job.


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