Written Preview: Queen In-Hyun’s Man Episode 11 and 12

Episode 11 The only person who remembers me…! Boong-Do, who has regained the amulet and returned to modern time, is shaken up by the fact that there is no one who remembers him. On the other hand, Hee-Jin, who had been concerned about the telephone calls, chases after evidence of Boong-Do after confirming that it wasn’t all just a dream. Episode 12 The man for whom the present has now become the past. Dong-Min, who is upset about what happened the night before, purposefully embarrasses Hee-Jin in front of people. Boong-Do cannot sleep due to many worries and returns to the temple to see the monk. Boong-Do asks the monk where he should move forward in his life. (I guess he is confused whether he should live his life in his era or in Hee Jin era or like jooni said, he considering to lve in Hee Jin era) cr: TvN's website, Fansite/Forums, joonni.com

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