"An Alien's Hope": A VHope Fanfic

Requested by@MadAndrea for J-Hope day :) Sorry for being late!!! That MV release messed me up that day lol XD


He knows his fans referred to him as an 'alien' but he never understood as to why. Sure he acted differently from most people but he always thought of that as his good qualities. Today at a concert he was called a 'gay alien' by a rude girl who got mad because he hadn't looked at her when she called his name. The girl was escorted out but not before her remark left a mark on him. His shoulders slouched as he walked to the group's room and sat in a corner thinking about the girl and her remark.

He couldn't deny his feelings. He didn't know why he felt this way and it hurt when people made fun of him for it. He couldn't tell you how many times he has seen comments teasing him and knocking him down. And these comments were from his so called "fans." V sighed as he took a sip of water and continued talking in his mind. At times like this he only trusted one person to help him forget about everything and make him smile.

"And this is my cute dongsaeng. Say hi to the camera cutie." V smiled and hid his face from J-Hope and his sneaky camera. "Aiissshh don't be rude to our ARMYs!!!"

V closed his eyes and pouted at the camera. J-Hope noticing something was up put the camera up. "Yah what's wrong with you? Is it because of what that gi-" J-Hope started.

"No of course not hyung!! I don't let comments like that bother me." V forced a smile. J-Hope's face screamed disbelief. "I know maybe we should go out. You know one on one. I think that would help right now. Don't you think?" He started tickling V who he knew was extremely ticklish.

"AHH!!! HAHHAHAHAAHH!!" V screamed and tried to get away but J-Hope had him trapped under him. He couldn't breathe because he was laughing so hard. Then he looked at J-Hope's face again. He suddenly felt those feeling again. Those feelings he always felt when Hoseok was around. Before it could get any worse he pushed J-Hope off him. He almost laughed at J-Hope's expression. "Come on let's go."

And with that he left out of the room to calm down. J-Hope watched him as he walked in the opposite direction. "He doesn't even know where we're going..." J-Hope chuckled to himself and followed the boy.


"Where the heck am I even going?" V thought to himself as he walked briskly down the hall. He turned his head and felt his heart skip a beat when he saw J-Hope staring at him. His knees almost gave out when he saw J-Hope giving him a sexy glance and beckoning him to come closer. Now V being the awkward potato he is turned right back around and kept on walking. He still didn't know where he was going but he knew he wouldn't last long if J-Hope kept acting like this.

He finally got outside the building and took a look around. He didn't know exactly where in Korea he was but that wouldn't stop him from avoiding contact with J-Hope for just a little longer. Just until he calmed down. He looked left and right to determine where he would next. He chose right and continued walking.

J-Hope couldn't believe that stare didn't stop the boy. He put on his sexiest face and the boy still didn't give in. Has he read V's feelings wrong this whole time. J-Hope kicked those ideas out of his head. He didn't think like this. He was a 100% optimist. He left his thoughts and saw V standing outside. He smiled thinking that he had finally stopped because he had no idea where he was. But J-Hope watched in surprise as V turned right and started walking. J-Hope didn't want to lose his.....date? So he rushed out the building and headed right.

V just kept walking hoping these feelings would just go away sooner or later so he could get back to his date....uhhh J-Hope. V shook his head at the silly thought. His eyes were closed as he shook his head and he walked right into the street. He stopped when he heard J-Hope's scream. He opened his eyes and heard a horn. He turned his head only to see a bright pair of headlights...

Before he could react a hand reached out and grabbed his own and pulled him off the street, the car nearly missing him. He collided with a hard and firm chest. V was shaking but he managed to look at his rescuer's face. J-Hope met his gaze and had the most worried look. V didn't think it suited him at all.

"Yah!!!! Are you stupid or something?!? You big dummy..." J-Hope was fighting back tears as he held V to his chest tightly. In spite of what just happened V smiled. J-Hope looked him over and made sure he wasn't hurt anywhere. "Aigoo....what am I going to do with you?" J-Hope put his arms around V protectively. "I guess I'll just have to stick by your side for the rest of our days so you won't do something stupid." V blushed. "J-Hope....will you be my hope?"

"Hmmmm I never thought I would ever have the chance to be an alien's hope. Kim Taehyung, I will now and forever be your hope. But only if you can be mine..."

And from that day on V was proud to be an alien..... <3


Hope you enjoyed!!!! :)


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