Join the "12 Days of K-pop Holidays!" Challenge

Happy December :)

Hey guys!! Who else LOVES December? I know I can't be the only one, so I thought it'd be fun to do a bit of an unconventional challenge just for this month!! Basically, let's do the holiday season, K-pop style.

Feel free to join in every day, or just do it when you're free, or just comment on other people's card!

Dec. 14th: You know all those crazy Christmas outfits groups wear? Yeah, I wanna see your favorites. Share them!

15th: What music video or kpop video puts in the biggest holiday spirit?

16th: What gifts would you like to give your favorite idol(s) for Christmas?

17th: Which idol would you cast as Santa Claus in a weird holiday K-drama? Why?

18th: Pick two idols: one for the naughty list, and one for the nice list!

19th: Which group do you wish you could spend your Christmas with? What would you do?

20th: Make your own Christmas subgroup! Any idol, any group: who do you want in this special holiday group?

21st: Who do you hope to meet under the mistletoe? (Or, who do you hope meets under the mistletoe, lol???)

22nd: Pick a group: which group would make the best elves??

23rd: What do you wish you would get as a gift from your bias this Christmas?

24th: Leave a note for you bias or bias group for Christmas <3

25th: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Write a message to your Vingle kpop friends and family to celebrate this holiday ^-^ Enjoy it!


Follow the "12 Days of K-pop Holidays" to see everyone's cards!


I'll clip them, so tag me so I don't miss anything >< Happy Holidays, everyone!

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