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I see a lot of single people who love gaming and Anime. But I'm not seeing any of them making true connections to date. Which let's face it is what they really want. I want this card to get people to find each other to hopefully begin a love connection. So if you are serious about wanting to date and find love, why not start here? Put down your first name/nickname, age, your location(country and city/town only) and a few things about yourself (example, do you want a girlfriend or boyfriend, your favorite Anime, game you are most addicted to) . DON'T add your number, address or any very personal information. If you have kik, Line, Kakao Talk and anything similar, use those to talk privately with someone. It is very IMPORTANT to keep yourself SAFE as there are some people with bad intentions. NEVER agree to have someone come to your home or meet somewhere private. Never meet a stranger without telling someone where you will be and who you are meeting. NEVER share phone numbers, account numbers, home address, passwords or social security numbers. Even though I hope you all find friends and a relationship, I want you to always be safe! There are many who love Anime and Gaming that can't find a person who they can date and share it with. Let's see if we can start now! Be safe, be respectful and find love!

I'm sorry to inform you that I am leaving this app. I'm not coming back at all. It has nothing to do with you. You are all special people. You all have wonderful qualities and beautiful hearts. I want you and the others to take good care of yourselves. Whether you continue on this card, or other cards or someone makes a new better card, please stay together. Be kind to each other, be respectful. Don't judge each other and forgive until you absolutely cannot forgive anymore. Please take care of each other. The reason I am leaving is that I don't fit in anywhere. I'm stuck being the only one of my kind in a way you won't ever understand. I can't always be careful enough to not make a severe mistake. It is regretful to step a foot in paradise and realize I was never meant to be here in the first place. As long as you all stick together, though, you can help each other and support each other through everything. Don't be afraid to open up to your friends. Don't be afraid to find love and take a chance. Always follow your heart and believe that you are special, you are worthy. If you think nobody else does, always remember that I do. I'll be somewhere under the same sky as you, sending positive thoughts and prayers to you. Be happy. Keep it Kawaii!

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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