TIE Fighter Toy Turned Into Drone That Makes Haunting Noise

Oh, hello Coolest Thing I've Seen This Morning, how are you? Good? Good. Oh me? I'm just drinking my stale coffee and wondering where my life went but you? You're really cool. Oh, stop it, I'm not cool. I'm just a weirdo doing weird things on the Internet drinking stale coffee.

Oh, sorry. Didn't see you there Vingle.

Excuse my rudeness but in my morning routine that consists of staring at my coffee machine and trying to decide whether or not I should have last nights or this morning's while looking at my phone, I found one of the coolest things I've seen ever.

Someone, I don't really know who (we haven't met, so I don't know their name), decided to tinker with their new First Order TIE Fighter toy and make it a drone. Yeah, that's right. A flying drone thing capable of working for Amazon.

Okay, so maybe it isn't capable of working for Amazon. That thing is tiny. And have you seen the actual Amazon drones? They look like flying bed frames, they're terrifying or they're appealing, depending on what kind of drones you're into... Anyway, this isn't a discussion about our personal tastes.

It's a discussion about this amazing little TIE Fighter that can actually fly around and stuff. But there is one thing that bothers me about the video. It's that noise it makes when it flies. Now, I'm no drone pilot, (I am a droid so I can help pilot an X-Wing, so drones are like whatever to me) so I don't know if that noise is a normal noise it should be making.

It sounds like an intense tiny scream coming from a little baby monster. Could you imagine that thing delivering your packages? What an insane mistake. God, I wouldn't open my door up for that thing if my life depended on it. Also, is that what all drones sound like? I hope not.

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