10 Killers Christmas Classics That'll Make You Toss Tradition

If you weren't aware, The Killers are a rock band that releases a new Christmas track every season. Every year since 2005 The Killers have released a Christmas song, and this year is no exception. Their newest track "Dirt Sledding" just hit the airwaves.

They're not only a multi-platinum arena rock band, but they're full of Christmas joy. Traditional music can get tired and boring, but when you're feeling like you want to light that fire, hang and drink some cocoa, you don't have to be boring. You can rock. Check out these incredibly original songs and never look at the holiday season the same again.

Dealing with themes usually alien to the Christmas season like longing, spending time away from family and living in a place where it doesn't snow, the Killers are a modern example of what real life Christmas stories look like.

10. Dirt Sledding / 2015

This is the newest jam, debuting merely hours ago. Check out the video where the boys try and experience a traditional winter sport in the desert. They're from Vegas after all. Channeling Wayne Newton and Elvis himself, Brandon Flowers and the guys hang around in the dust as Santa, a dirty Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Halloween pumpkin decide enough is enough.

This one deals with Santa giving up on his yearly trip around the world, hitting rock bottom and trying to convince the people around him to love to Believe. But in that trademark Killers style, it's tongue-in-cheek, catchy as hell and completely fun.

9. Joel The Lump of Coal / 2014

The Killers partnered with Jimmy Kimmel to bring you this delightful little song. It's campy and fun much like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, but takes it a step further. Injecting some dry humor and mixing it with genuine Christmas joy, The Killers really outdid themselves with this one. Its by far the cutest and most fun out of all the Killers Christmas classics. I dare you not to enjoy the holiday season while listening to it. You'll be rooting for Joel the Lump of Coal all year long.

8. Christmas in L.A. /2013

This one hits home, especially this year. It'll be the first time I'm not spending Christmas with my family. Once you hit adulthood a lot of things change, one of them is the Holidays. This is where The Killers really shine. Sincere, open and honest, this song is an essential listen for anyone feeling melancholy around the holidays. It's not all about the presents and the family, for some its a time of reflection. This song makes you question what is important: family or work? Living on your own or appreciating where you came from. It's all relative.

7. I Feel It In My Bones / 2102

The saga of Brandon Flowers and Santa Claus dates back to 2006, and this is the epic conclusion. I Feel It In My Bones" is a terrifying, haunting, 80's inspired track that if you didn't listen close enough could fool you into thinking it was a real rock song. Basically, Brandon comes to terms with the fact that Santa has it in for him. It would be a great track to go with that new Christmas horror movie "Krampus". I don't know, it just has that vibe.

6. The Cowboy's Christmas Ball / 2011

The Killers use the desert and a lot of western themes in their Christmas songs and videos. Because, a lot of people don't spend time in the snow, skiing and stuff during the holiday season. Some of us call the West home. This song is an ode to that. So all of you people who hang around in Navada, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas...this one is for you. The Southwest gets its revenge in this fantastically catchy song. "The Cowboy's Christmas Ball" is a rollicking good time, and would be an incredible addition to your Christmas playlist.

5. Boots / 2010

This song is Vegas all the way. Starting with a bit of "Its A Wonderful Life" underscored by The Killers' famous dark synth, as made famous by their debut album "Hot Fuss", "Boots" is a dark Christmas song, exposing the underside of the famously happy holiday season.

There are a lot of people who don't have families, are homeless or lost during the Holiday season. So any kindness you can extend, or happiness you can give, makes all the difference.

4. Happy Birthday Guadalupe! / 2009

A lot of people regard this as the not-so-good Killers Christmas song, but I'm rather fond of it. Taking that southwestern flare they're known for and infusing it with a straight-up mariachi flare, this song is for those who are celebrating South of the border. The love story between a cowboy and lovely Guadalupe is actually pretty cute. It's that classic Cowboy trope, but it's not regressive at all.

3. Joseph Better You Than Me / 2008

The most biblical song they ever put out, "Joseph Better You Than Me" is one of those slow burning Christmas songs you put on while you're hanging out by the fire drinking hot chocolate. It's even more special though because it features the luscious vocal stylings of SIR Elton John and Neil Tennant. It's pretty amazing. Put it on when your parents are trying to saddle you down with some boring Bing Crosby, and they'll be into it too.

2. Don't Shoot Me Santa / 2007

This is by far my favorite Killers Christmas track. The premise is that the guys get kidnapped by Santa Claus who finds out that Brandon Flowers is a cold blooded person who has been "killing for fun", in a hilarious, confessional story song, the hilariously dark plot unfolds. The monotonous delivery, paired with the dire circumstances makes this song incredibly original. It's the first in the saga of Santa and Brandon, and it's by far the best.

It's catchy, fun and totally off the wall. A must have for your hip holiday party.

1. A Great Big Sled / 2006

The first Killers Christmas Classic is arguably the best. It's got a style that you don't see in holiday songs and I think that's why people gravitated toward it. Featuring an elf smoking a cigarette, a santa that looks like your neighborhood hipster and a lead lyric that says "The snowman is shaping up to be an 8, but not out of 10" this song is completely unforgettable.

It's innocent enough to play in the background of any holiday party, and it won't make you nauseous like most other songs you hear a million times during this time of year. It chronicles the transition from childhood to adulthood and uses Christmas as the link between the two, "I wanna roll around like a kid in the snow / I wan to relearn what I already know / Just let me take flight / dressed in red / through the night / on a great big sled."

Wouldn't we all?


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