Day 8: Favorite Anime Couple

Araragi x Senjougahara It's a day late but here's to my favorite couple in anime. There's a lot more touching stories, some more lude, some that are funnier, but a lot of anime is centered around impossible situations. True Bakamonogatari is one of those, but it's a lot more normal relationship that Araragi and Senjougahara. How they met was a little supernatural, but the bare bone fact of the situation is that is was a simply a dude helping out a random chick who really needed it. No questions asked, no need of compensation. Well technically it was his duty but eh he could've just walked away after he was done, but they ended up getting to know each other, started dating, ended up falling for each other. And they way they interact with each other is simply. . . well heartwarming....? I think....? I dunno it's just an awesome relationship. That and I'm pretty sure she's okay with his minor infdelities on the side. Though it's a bit farfetched to call it infidelity, more like strange flirting. Though there is one realllllly strange scene or two, Araragi-san is pretty chill. Senjougahara-chan really is too good for him. But she's also perfect for him. Hehe

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