Study: Men Who Eat Garlic Are Sexier.

but what if there's another entirely different way to sniff out a mate? And what if that way involves garlic breath?


Yes, according to a study by the University of Stirling, the way a man smells after eating garlic actually makes him more attractive to the opposite sex!

How did they figure this out? The three-phase process is explained in behavioral science journal, Appetite:

- 42 different men were fed various amounts of garlic.

- Over the span of 12 hours, their body odor was collected with pads, and the men were sniffed by 82 different women.

- The women were surveyed and asked to evaluate the scent of each man, based on pleasantness, attractiveness, and intensity.

men who ate at least 4 cloves of garlic (approximately 12 grams)significantly more pleasant and attractive.


So, why do scientists believe this was the case?

The team's lead researcher, Dr. Craig Roberts, relates it back to the instinctive way many animal species use diet-associated smells to seek out a 'healthy' mate. Yes, apparently because garlic is a healthy food, the smell of garlic subconsciously has women connecting garlic odor with mate-worthy physical health.

"[The odor of garlic] produces an olfactory marker of good health for the opposite sex to home in on. Previous research indicates that many animal species use diet-associated cues to select mates in good physical condition."


So what do you guys think? Do you believe this study? Will you start eating more garlic before a date?

Personally, it clears up why I always prefer to spend Saturday nights watching "Beaches" and holding a loaf of warm garlic bread in an unmistakably sexual yet intimate embrace.

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