This is my support card for Lauren! Lauren gun trust me the things you went through are terrible and I don't wish it upon anyone(well mabe the people who did it to you). The worst part is that we (the rest of your A.R.M.Y support squad and I) arnt there physically to help you. (Look at this cutie)

But it's ok cause we are here for you anyway! I wish we could give you an actual hug but just imagine that you're the one in the middle and we are all hugging the crap out of you!!Bullies are just idiots who are too blind to see your awesomeness and you know what they don't know what they lost. But we know and we appreciate and love it. (arnt they the cutest!!)

So don't worry little Lauren we are here for you and I'm sure everyone else would agree with me when I say that we are always here with open arms and ears ready to listen and comfort you when in need. *This goes for anyone else too*

On a funny note here's a funny picture of various Sugas to cheer you up!! I hope this card makes you feel better. (I don't take credit for any of these. I honestly don't remember who I got them from but if you have posted or made (in the case of the Suva wallpaper) these please know I'm not taking credit for them.


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