Park Shin Hye confirmed his role in Heirs Korean Drama with Lee Min Ho

It is confirmed that Park SHin Hye is one of tha cast of the upcoming drama ‘The Heirs’ with our beloved Lee Min Ho ‘Hallyu Queen “Park Shin Hye (23) writers’ genius’ Rocco’s Eun – Sook hand in hand with the comeback is the SBS drama, according to an official Park Shin Hye Eun – Sook writers write the crown, the sequel to withstand the weight of La heirs (gauze Select a sequel to the heirs under). Park Shin Hye without interruption since the sequel aired tvN ‘neighbor’ handsome ‘and’ mainstream ‘has proved , according to an official with the agency, ‘Lovers in Paris’ gentleman’s’ Secret Garden’ dignity ‘has produced several hits Eun – Sook writer for the trust was amazing. The right actors in the cast mulmang down a gag order for the crew to work the plot and characters in the writers on faith alone, without a better understanding of the role sign a contract that was known broadcasters ‘heirs’ KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and U.S. drama ‘Gossip Girl’ like a mixture of known as a romantic comedy. The ‘Hallyu Prince’ opposite Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye’s expectations and already joined. Organized into 10 will be broadcast SBS was confirmed by the officials call a “writer Kim Eun – Sook Park Shin Hye, SBS drama in the country spent came out okay sign writer Kim found a fresh face, Park Shin Hye’s work noting saw” some stable acting actor shall be deemed to have first selected girl group members, but shipped in mulmang “he said. PSH recent fan meeting in the Philippines and Japan held closed. Activities radius is expanding beyond Korea to mark the 10th anniversary of his debut as an actor to stretch into the world. Acting until recently ended ‘neighbor’ handsome ‘and’ the gift of the movie ’7 Room Number are getting a high score. Popular wings on the moon seems to be meeting with writer Kim Eun – Sook Uhm Dongjin reporter cr; newsnate

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