New Challenge!

Hey Vingle Nakama! (: I thought I try out this new idea for a challenge card. So this is how this works, I give you a card of a character with 2 lies and a truth, and you have to guess the lie! (:

So let's get this started with this! (: This is Yamato Kurosawa

Three Statements: 1. He has a younger sister, named Nagi Kurosawa and an older brother, named Kenji Kurosawa. 2. He has pretty much kissed every girl in Toumei High School except Miki Arai. 3. He saves Mei Tachibana from a stalker by pretending to be her boyfriend and kissing her. Okay comment below your answers if you know it (: no cheating. haha XD Let me now if you like this challenge because I will be posting more characters soon!

Just your Typical college student who would rather watch anime and read than go to a party. (: Send me a message if you wanna talk about awesome anime! 🤓
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