Hinata is my favorite Female character of all time, she is number 1.

We watched her grow up along with the other villagers, and her teammates.

She always hid from naruto, never told him she loved him til he was fighting pain, tho he did not remember it afterwards, she kept on getting braver and braver til

She was able to fight by his side without PASSING OUT like usual.

But then Naruto realized how much she loved him and how much HE loved her,

they even went on to get married, tho we didn't get to see the wedding, I'm sure it was beautiful.

Then they had two kids Boruto and Hima (I call her that).

Not much to say, I love anime, all kinds, I'm 18 with a dream, trying to make it work, Naruto is my favorite anime all time, and I'm here to meet new friends. SO BELIEVE IT. 👍
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