Rap Monster Plagiarism Scandal?


I'm just sharing what I've found, I don't know anything about the previous rumors or the current people involved in this scandal:

What do you guys think!?


constantly plagiarizes

In November 2014, "wevebeenhere" wrote a quote on his Twitter:

“I’ll be your underline because you’re important”

featuring Rap Monsterexact same quote.

Another Twitter account "radiordinary" also expressed his frustration because Rap Monster plagiarizes his quote:

In October 2014, he posted:

“When I lay down with loneliness, my bed keeps getting bigger”

On the same song, U, Rap Monster copied the same line into his rap:

This is not the first time Rap Monster suspected of plagiarism.

Left : BTS - Hold Me Tight lyric

Right : A script from Kim Gae Ri fragment poetry

“I should’ve just given in, why did I argue all the time?”

Left : Dynamic Duo - Pricious Love released in 2011

Right : BTS - Just One Day released in 2013

"In the middle of a beautiful night I’ll confess, with the moon as our light"

Left : Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino - Illionaire Gangs released in 2012

Right : BTS - Born Singer (released in 2013)

“And let the haters hate on me. 걔네가 늘상 해온 일” (= and let the haters hate on me It’s a day job they’ve always been at)

I'm still an ARMY, but I worry about how this will all turn out...

What do you guys think?

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