Anime To Re-Watch: Tenchi Muyo

I'm 23, right? So growing up a big part of my early anime exposure came as a result of watching Toonami.

Shows like Sailor Moon, Zatch Bell, DBZ, Inuyasha, and others framed the way that I would take anime in for the rest of my life (so far).

Tenchi Muyo!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen Tenchi Muyo. For y'all, hopefully this is a nice stroll through memory lane. For anyone who hasn't, though, hopefully you take this a reason to!

So the show is all about this guy Tenchi Masaki here ^^ who has the benefit of being a decendant of SPACE ROYALTY. Yep. His grandfather basically decided he didn't want to ascend to any kind of leadership in his familial space empire, so he peaced out and found love on Earth.

So we meet Tenchi as a young man of 17, living a quiet and peaceful life. Things are calm in the Masaki household, until an international space pirate shows up, which basically opens the floodgates for a number of extraterrestrial intrusions.

Ultimately, this is what happens. Yeah, Tenchi Muyo really got the harem genre started in anime. The premise here being that Tenchi is an honorable gentleman who prefers family over romantic engagements.

Not that the girls don't still try. Certainly, not every one of them is in love with Tenchi, but the ones who are get considerably combative about it.

The story doesn't stay on Earth, though. Eventually time calls ofr Tenchi to try and do right by his lineage, and so the whole team ventures into space.

I start forgetting many details here, so this is why I definitely need to rewatch. I know there's a lightsaber-esque sword, some cool battles, and lots and lots of harem goodness.

Queue'n it up.

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