Lmao @ Seungri the whole time First off, WTH WAS THAT?! Like where do you even begin? Seventeen...Monsta X...iKON...GOT7...BTS...EXO...f(x)...BIG BANG...CL AND 2NE1...BTS!!!!!Yo, I'm surprised that I'm breathing right now. 2NE1 surprised the heck out of me! Run was as beautiful as I imagined. Those collaborations too! The real MVP is Parris Goebel, though. She's the choreographer of songs like Hello Bi+ches, Ringa Linga and Bang Bang Bang. Her breakdown of Bang Bang Bang SLAYYYYYYYYYED me. I don't know where to begin really but what was your favorite part?

Just a girl who listens to K-pop. Yep, that sounds pretty accurate.😊 If you want to talk about it, the good and/or the bad (Yes, there are worse things than sasaengs and bias wreckers 😏 or maybe not...) I'm all ears! Or eyes lol I look forward to hearing from y'all (I'm from the South. Don't judge 😂)
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