Little tour to Korean fashion & beauty street 가로수길!

Hi guys! I took a little tour around our fashion and beauty street, Garosu-gil! I wanted to give you some of the ideas and images about one of our street. Hope you enjoy the visit with me;) And thank you so much for your participation for our last Giveaway, have read all the comments and suggestions as well. Wish I could hand out giveaway to every single participants, I'm sad that I can't :( Will try to open up more chances for subscribers! Please keep tune in to our channel and upcoming videos as well! ▶Tay's first giveaway is closed. The winners will be announced in the next video. Don't miss next Friday's WISHTrendTV! ▶CONNECT WITH US Shop Subscribe for getting various beauty tips and tricks, trendy topics and makeup tutorials. Hope you enjoy all about beauty with us! Always thank you.♥
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