The Broken Pieces of Our Hearts: A new start ( Bangyongguk Fanfic) chapter 2

Sarang Pov " Did you make it okay? You sure you don't want to come back? I mean I heard Korean music schools are really hard? Sarang are you sure?" My umma kept asking so many questions ever since I step foot on Korean soil. She feared once I got around many people I didn't know I would have a breakdown. " Umma I swear I'm fine. I can do this and make you proud. I have to make up for all the times you took care of me." I said through the phone trying to look for my suitcase. " Ya, Sarang you don't have to because that is what mothers do alright!~~ Just know if you need help or struggling call me. Call on me even when your happy or when ya missing home. If it gets too hard for you, you can always come home. " she says and I slightly tear up to the fact that she is really not here .... "Umma , saeanghaeyo nomu nomu saranghae." I said as I found my luggage and wiping stray tears away. " Aigoo, you already putting your good language skills to work~w I love you too Sarang. Bye my love" she said clicking off. " I guess I'm on my own now , huh? " I said to myself walking to find my new family. Many people was around and many was looking at me as if I was strange. Many others whispered and pointed. I will admit I'm really scared. I grabbed on to my suitcases tightly and breathed in and out slowly. " you can do this Sarang, you can do it. It's not hard." I said quoting Youngjae from Got7 to cheer me up . I snorted at my silliness and looked up and smiled. " That's right Sarang smile and wave. You know this was going to happen . Many youtubers said so. There is nothing wrong with you okay?" I said reassuringly and the voice in my head snickered , who you kidding there is something wrong with you ... you're a fuck up. I decided to ignore myself and continued looking out for my new family. " Ahh e-excuse me? Are you part of the T.S performance highschool 's international student program? " I heard a slightly deep but feminine voice behind me. I turned around a bit hesitantly. I saw a handsome Asian guy that somewhat looks like a girl but then again..... " A-ah yes.... I-I am " , stop studdering you fool. The voice in my head laughed. " Oh, me too! " I jumped slightly at his loudness. "Oh , I'm sorry . I'm just a little excited to find another person from my school. " I shook my head understandingly and shyly smiled at him. " I'm Amber by the way" " Ah a girl .. " I said a bit mono tonely to myself. " What~~ you thought I was a guy?" she said scratching at her short brownish blonde hair. I jumped a little at what she said. I had to catch myself a bit because I might of came off as rude. " Ah ah I'm sorry.... Your hair and clothes.. " I said looking down. God , child your dumb. " Oh no don't be sorry! " she chuckled, " I am a tomboy so it's normal. " She smiled. " You're a very handsome girl.... It's weird but cool" I blurted and hurriedly covered my mouth. Why are you so dumb? She looked at me and chuckled again, " Thank you. You're pretty also. " I felt heat rise to my cheeks . She's lying. " Anyways, where are ya from? I'm from the States" She said. " Me too. " I said. " What major are you?" she asked another question. Usually situations like this makes me freak out but surprisingly I felt comfortable talking to her. " I'm taking up composition and producing as my major and dance & vocal as my subs. " " Woah, you're the whole package! " I chuckled at her comment. Stop lying " What major are you in? " I asked. " I'm in composition/producing also and I'm taking up vocal/rap for my subs" she said and I nodded . " So what grade are you in? " I surprisingly asked first. " I'm in the 12th . How about you. " she smiled brightly as she asked. " I'm in the 11th." I said. " So , I'm your elder~~ call me unnie then" she chuckled proudly. " More like Oppa " I chuckled quietly. " I mean you can call me Oppa and I call you my jagi" she joked and laughed very hard. " Well okay then " i said laughing with her. " I'm glad I met a new friend like you Sarang. You're shy but cool. " she smiled. " Ahh, thanks. Same to you. " I smiled back at her. " Amber Lu ? ! Amber Lu? !" Someone from the distance called. " Oh that must be my ride. Do you have a phone? " she asked and I shook my head and handed her my phone. She typed something in and called from my phone to hers. " Well, let's hang out more my jagi, Sarang. " she said giving my phone back. " ah okay Amber Oppa" I laughed and she waved goodbye. * another hour pass* I sat outside the airport still waiting for my ride. I was starting to get a bit scared as it started to get dark. I wonder what's taking them so long? Did they forget about me? Of course they did. Why would anyone bother with you anyway? I shook my head and tried to push those thoughts away. " Ah Ahgassi? I see you've been waiting out here for awhile. Do you need me to call your folks and drive you home? " an taxi ahjussi stopped in front of me with his car. I breathed in and out. " umm, I-I d-don't have my host family's number yet. They supposed to pick me up but I don't know when..... " " Ah , don't be shy . This ahjussi don't bite. Do you know atleast the program people's number ? " he asked. I shook my head yes and said , " I- I'm going call them after another hour if they don't get here.... " I said lowly. " Okay, I'll be back in an hour if your still here I will take you to the program people okay? " the nice ahjussi smiled and drove off with another customer. Where are they? * Bang residents* Yongguk Pov " Appa, where's that ahjumma and our new Unnie? " Haru asked . " I don't know Haru. Maybe they are stuck in traffic. " I said hoping that was the case. Maybe I should've picked her up other than Hara but I had work and I had to pick the kids up. " They were supposed to be here 3 hours ago though Appa" Haru said worriedly. " Yeah, where's our noona? " Taemin asked for like the 16th time . " Minnie just wait she'll be here soon okay? " I said hoping that I was right. It's getting pretty late and who knows where they are now. " Appa~~~ what if Goo ahjumma forgot her and she's all alone in the dark? She might be scared like Minnie does. " Taemin said crying. " Aish~ ~ hold on lemme call your Umma and see what's going on." I started calling Hara to see where they are. " Gukkie~~ Hi!!" she chirped . " hey babe, where are you and Sarang?" I asked hoping that she was with her. " Sarang?...... Oh yeah about that....." " Please don't tell me you left a teenage girl all alone by herself and it's getting late......." I sighed. " I'm sorry Gukkie I'm busy..... " she said. " Not this shit again . HARA! You left a young girl all alone at night that doesn't even know where to go !" " Gukkie im sorry I'll make it up to you and her okay but I gotta go. " " babe who are you on the phone with?" I heard another man on the line. " Yeah, busy......" I hanged up and grabbed my jacket and kids jackets. " Alright, let's go get your new sibling guys. " I said. " I knew she was going to do that" Haru said walking out the door. * Driving to the airport* * started to rain* Sarang Pov " ah bi~? " I pouted noticing it's slowly started to rain. Best way to start your first day in Korea huh? My mind laughed at me again for like the 100th time today but I couldn't help but to sadly chuckle also as i got drenched. I got my stuff and started to walk back into the building. " Lee Sarang?!!" A man called out for me. I jumped a little because the person's voice was really deep. I turned around to see a tall man with a lean but well built body in a hoody holding a umbrella. " A-ah, ye" I shyly responded. " Ommo , you're all wet! " he said wiping some rain off my face with his sleeve while holding the umbrella above my head. I blushed at the contact and step back a little. " Ah, sorry habit. " he said retracting his hand, " Let's go home shall we? " he said directing me to the car and I followed under his umbrella getting into the car . I notice two little bodies behind me snoring. Ah cute. " Yeah, they couldn't wait to meet you but they fell asleep on the way here." the guy pulled down his hood and revealed his handsome face. I noticed his skin was a bit tanned and his jawline was nicely sharp. Wow, is all the guys here this nice looking? " Ah , you don't understand me?" he said noticing that I was looking at him in a questioning way but for a whole nother reason . " A-ah no I- I u-understand Korean" I said shyly looking away. " That's good , my engrish would probably confuse you more. " his deep voice chuckled and showed a gummy smile. I laughed with him and looked at the little ones again " Cuties" I said smiling. " hehe I know right? " he smiled again starting up the car. I put my seatbelt on and we started driving to my new home. A few minutes passed and I could still hear soft snoring. " Oh, I forgot to apologize about being so late to pick you up today, Sarang-ssi . My wife was supposed to pick you up but her schedule got backed up and she didn't tell me till late. Im sorry for making you wait. " he said frowning a bit . I shook my head understandingly and looked out the window watching raindrops fall against it. " You're not mad are you?" he asked cautiously. " A-ani" I quickly said. " You don't talk much do you? " he asked. I started to feel bad for not being sociable but I was still a bit afraid. " I-I'm sorry ahjussi. I-I'm just a little shy.... I didn't mean to s-seem rude." I said looking down. " A-ani , Sarang it's okay. No need to be shy. We're family now so get comfortable okay? Oh and don't call me ahjussi" he pouted . " O-okay , what should I call you? " I asked. " I'm not that much older than you so you can call me Yongguk- ssi or Oppa if your okay with that." he said I chuckled a little at the memory of Amber "Oppa" . " What's funny? " he asked . " Ah nothing , I-I was just reminded of something. " I said and he nodded. " Also, those little cuties behind you is Haru and Taemin. They're really excited to meet you. Expect bouncing kids in the morning " he chuckled. " Ahh ne" " Sarang are you good with kids?" he asked . I guess I could say im experienced since I took care of the kids at the orphanage I used to live in when I was younger. " I do have experience with them and I cook well " I said.

"Ah, good because there is going to be times when me and my wife might not be home . I just hope you won't struggle with them." I shook my head understandingly and drove the rest of the way home in silence. * new home* We made it home and as I stepped out the car I saw a big pretty house in front of me. " wow ~~ yepunda" I said in awe. Yongguk- ssi stepped out the car also. " Yea, it's a bit much but my wife wanted something really nice so this." he said pointing at the house. "D-do you need help carrying them in? " I asked. " Awe, sure thanks. Can you carry Taemin for me?" I nodded and went to the backseat and pick up the cute little fluff ball. He is absolutely too cute for his own good. Yongguk- ssi picked up who I guess is Haru and we walked into the house. " His bed room is right here next to Haru's" he said point to the door next to another close to the front room. The house was nicely set up. The front room was big with the kitchen connected. A big island table sit in the middle of the kitchen. With grand steps on the left close to the front door where im guessing is where the rest of the rooms are. I walked into the little one's room. He has toy cars and plushies neatly stacked by his wall and a twin bed sitting next to a window. I softly laid him in bed and tucked him in. He cutely muttered in his sleep and snored. " Goodnight sweet heart." I said pecking the younger on the forehead and started to walk out but I ran in to a tall figure. " ow~~" I said quietly trying not to wake up Taemin. " Oops, sorry and that was cute. He will be so happy to see you tomorrow. " he whispered . I nodded and started to walk out. " Well, I was hoping you'd meet my wife but I guess she's staying out late. " he said scratching the nape of his hair. " You don't start school till next week correct? " he asked and I nodded . " Okay, so this week I will put some time in my work schedule so the family can get to know each other. For now go take a warm shower since your still wet and go to bed . If your hungry there's food left over from dinner in the fridge. I would love to eat with you but I got to go to bed for work in the morning. Unless you want me to?" he said . " That's f-fine . I dont mind. " I said . " Alright , see you tomorrow Sarang. Goodnight " he said. " oh and your room is upstairs down the hall . you'll see your name on it. There's a bathroom in there also." he stated and he helped me carry my luggage up the stairs and bid me a good night. I unpacked some of my things then took a warm shower. I was too tired afterwards to eat so I went straight to bed. Surprisingly my room was really big and neat. I was bit uncomfortable with the space but it was nice. And Yongguk- ssi he's really nice . I wonder if his wife is the same? I tried to fall asleep but again my insomnia wouldn't let me... Sigh I guess I'll just lay here and just wait till sleep find me. A new start huh? A/N : A few new characters underway yay!!!! Tell me guys whatcha think so far and those who want to be tagged or not tagged tell me below~~

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