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So umm yeah@DeniseiaGardner challenged us to 'make our own stories' following a simple guideline she provided and this is what I got.. Sorry I'm awkward and kinda nervous, this is my first attempt at a story. I have a lot of room for improvement I know and (kind) constructive criticism is always welcome! Ok enough stalling~ here's my story@DeniseiaGardner and@Emealia, let me know what ya'll think and what I can improve on!!

"Breathe [Y/N], breathe" whispering to myself "remember what MinJi said, you just have to tell him how you feel. Who care's if he rejects you? At least you can say tried, right?" I muttered sarcastically. I was trying, unsuccessfully, to give myself a pep-talk before I reached my destination. The school's rooftop. I'm finally going to confess to the guy I've had a crush on since moving to Korea. But the closer I get the more nervous I am and my heart starts to race. Pausing at the door to the roof I inhale deeply, my hand on the handle. Slowly pushing open the door with a shaky "Here goes nothing.." I step though onto the rooftop. "Sunbaenim you came! I wasn't sure if you would." I'm surprised when my eyes land on him leaning against the railings. "Of course I did. It'd be rude not too." he replies with that soft smile I love. "What did you want to talk to me about [Y/N]~ah?" turning to face me startling me. "You.. You know my name sunbae?" I stammer wide eyed. Chuckling "Well you ARE the only new foreigner in the whole school. Wouldn't it be weirder if I didn't know about you? Plus you have a cute smile." he says with a grin on his face now. *Stupid!* "Oh, right. Sorry." I blush hotly and lower my head to stare at my feet. "Sunbae..." I start softly, still not looking up, then rush on "I've liked you for a while now, since I moved here really, and I just couldn't not tell you any longer. I'm driving myself crazy looking at you everyday and wondering. Sunbae could you ever like someone like me? I know we've never really talked before now, we hardly know each other, and you're older. But I have to know even if the answer is 'no' I needed to tell you how much I like you." I finish out of breath and wait for him to say something. The silence stretches on and on for a while and I sneak a peek at up at him. He's staring at me head tilted slightly with an amused smile playing about his lips. "I was wondering if you were ever going to look at me." still amused but with a more serious look on his face now "I have to confess I've been watching you too [Y/N]~ah. Your pretty smile and beautiful blue eyes distract me whenever I see you." That gets me to look him in the eyes and he continues, carefully brushing my hair from my face his fingers lingering on my skin, "I know you were confessing but now I'm confessing too. I like you too [Y/N]~ah, would you accept me and be my girlfriend?" he asks gazing at me. "Really?" I whisper not daring to believe him yet. "Really." He whispers back moving closer until we're almost touching. "YES!" I cry excitedly right before he leans in to kiss me. 'Lee DongHae my long-time crush is kissing me and now I'm his girlfriend!' I think happily kissing him back. *We dated a year until he graduated and became a trainee. We broke-up a few months after because he was so busy and had to think of his future image and I was still busy in school. We parted ways but agreed to stay (distant) friends.*

*Six Years Later*

*Seven Months Later*hank You

Hey I'm Kelly, or KellBells whichever, and I love Kpop, Kdramas, food and funny stuff!
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