Candice's Diet and Workout routine!

Workout: Justin Gelbrand (Candice’s trainer) says: There are 5 key exercises Candice focus’s on (lower back, hip, butt, balance and stability) The Candice Swanepoel workout mixes boxing, running, spinning, resistance bands, Bosu balls, weight lifting, circuit training, Pilates, and yoga together. Most of her workouts last for 75 minutes, and she goes twice daily when getting ready for a shoot. I love waking up; I box; I do a lot of resistance…three or four times a week. I like that, as well as keeping fit, I can protect myself. When I’m too tired to box, [I do yoga]. It’s good to stay flexible and learn to keep your mind quiet. Diet: Candice keeps to a balanced portion-restricted diet with lean proteins, vegetables, low-calorie foods rich in vitamins. Candice loves croissants and Brazilian bread. But most of the time she has to resist giving in to these delicious temptations. “I love a good breakfast. I love croissants. Eggs, bacon. I love vegetables, I like omelets. Raisins.” Lunch: She love to have Avocado, blue berries and tuna fish in her lunch and also have coconut water after lunch.

Raised in Peru, Vingle newbie, food-lover and lifestyle follower! Currenty @ Seoul, South Korea. [Instagram: miran_park]
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