Chapter 4

~Kimi~ What is that idiot doing?! If he gets in trouble.....oh biggie is flying! Attention passengers we have lift off! I smiled as he handed the walking stick to the girl and took Star back and then crossed my arms." Why didn't he let me watch Star? I feel like she was just starting to get to like me too." I said to myself as he said his goodbye and was on his way back. "Keita....." I whined grabbing on to his arm." Why are you so crazy! What if you would have gotten beat up?" He just smirked at me Star lazing away in his hood again." Do you even realize who you're talking to? “He said and I puffed my cheeks out.”Yeah yeah! Keita Kazuka strongest man alive!" I said and he nodded." Exactly! There's nothing that can take me down." We were about to walk into the school when I stood in his way blocking the door. "Keita, where do you think you’re going?" I said crossing my arms. “To take my finals....duh." He said trying to pass again and I stopped him. "Keita, since when do you get to bring your pets inside." His eyes widened realizing what was going on now. "Shit! What do I do! I can't just leave her???" He panicked looking around for what would seem like a safe place, but there’s nothing safe about basketball court. Especially when we're talking about kittens. "The bushes!" He said walking over to this bush that was by a bench in front of a tree. "She can stay here. I'm sure she won't leave if I leave fish for her." He smiled and placed her in the bush. "Ok star, I have to go do something important. So stay here ok? Don't leave by any means." He said like it was his child that he was stepping away from. "Nya~" I heard her say and he smiled and kissed the top of her head." Be right back star! Be good." He said and we headed for our math final. I was going to ace this for sure. ~Keita~ My poor cat is all alone. I feel so sad now. Oh right finals...better focus. We walked into class and I noticed that girl again. Juna, her sister,Lai, handed her head phones. What? I want to listen to music too. I sat next to Lai since Kimi had already taken her seat in the front. Besides the way she acts she's extremely smart. She would be the number one student if it wasn't for .... Well I don't know her name, because I eventually blocked out Kimi's talking from her rage of being beaten. So I forgot her name. I looked at the rest in front of me. Why did this look nothing like the practice exam? Like seriously this is like a whole different level of math. Shit! I had gotten through most of it with multiple choice, but then it came down to word problems. Satan is somewhere in hell smiling from the suffering he's caused I'm sure of it. "Nya~" my eyes widened. Star....someone is messing with Star. I began to sweat as I felt myself getting worried for her. I tried to calm myself down. She's probably just talking, or a bug probably scared her. "Nya~~~!" I heard her cry out as I Instantly stood up. "Kazuka! Sit back down now!" The teacher called and I rushed out the classroom. "Keita!" Kimi called and started to follow after." Keita stop! What are you doing!" She started and I stopped making her run into my back. There was someone walking towards us, but his clothes were ripped and his face was turning blue." Hey what are you doing out of class!" Kimi yelled at him and his guts fell from his stomach and onto the floor. "Classroom." I said backing up." Get back in the classroom!" I yelled and shut the door instantly looking for the class broom. "Everyone we need to evacuate! Their are zombies outside the classroom!" Kimi said informing them and the class laughed. "Mrs. Hishari! How dare you make up that ridiculous story to get out of a test! You should be ashamed!" "It's not a lie! I saw it too!" I said finding the broom in the closet. ~Juna~ “There’re zombies in the classroom!” I almost laughed at the sound of Keita’s ridiculous excuse, from one of the most over-ly used excuses in the world. Really? Zombies? What does Lai see in this guy? He’s a slacker! “Get back, get back!” screamed someone. That’s when I heard unearthly snarls emanating from behind me. “We’re all going to die!!” Ear-piercing screams filled the room, loud enough that I didn’t even need to ‘click’ to see the classroom. Their noise bounced of the walls, and I saw a watery image of a ghastly slow object, clawing its way towards me. I snatched the headphones off of my head stumbled my way to the back of the class, where I knew Lai would be, and she instantly grabbed my waist and covered me. “Someone help m—“ I knew it’d be the last time I would hear my teacher’s voice as inhumane screams filled the room. It was a sight I was glad I couldn’t see. I craned my neck up to Lai, “Why are we still here? We need to go! Go get your Keita, he can fight right?! Get somebody! Get anybody! I wanna go! We need to go home Lai!” His voice was almost soothing in my ears, “I’m glad you think that I can’t fight, but I’m not Lai.” “Oh.” I breathed as my body tensed at his hands around my waist. He chuckled, “Lai is with Kimi, my friend, out in the hallway. We should be good to go since that thing is uh… feeding.” “Oh.” Keita lifted me up in haste and he dragged me out of the classroom. “Juna!” Lai threw herself into me again, this time with her tears seeping into my clothing. “It’s okay, I’m fine.” But I wasn’t. Zombies? Actual flesh-eating undead? You only hear about that in Lai’s beloved Walking Dead TV show. I’m freaking blind! What can I do about zombies?! I can barely see, even when I click! “Kimi and I checked outside already and you can like, see them coming. They’re not here but it already feels like we’re surrounded! Like completely surrounded Juna! I don’t know what we’re supposed to do! What am I supposed to do to help you?!” “Calm down Lai, we’re fine.” No we’re not. “I’m guessing whoever is in front of me is Kimi right?” “Yeah…” she responded shakily. “We can all stay together. We’ll be a team. ~Keita~ Kimi handed me the broom back as she seemed still rather shaken up since I had left her with the responsibility of keeping Lai safe. " We have to get out of here!" She whispered loudly not wanting her voice to attract anything. " We will, but we have to rescue Star. " I said looking out the window and seeing her standing on a branch while 2 zombies were trying to climb up and get her. " Let's hurry before they arrive." "How do you plan to do that Mr. Tough guy?" She hissed. "I'll save her by being the little delinquent that my teachers love." I smirked holding the broom over my shoulder. ~Juna~ Lai pulled me off to a corner, “Did he really just say he was going to save that cat?” she whispered in my ear. “Star, you mean?” “Yes! Star,” she whispered sharply, “The cat looks scruffy, like a stray. And there’s zombies surrounding it. We can’t let him go, he’ll die and he’s like the strongest here. We hav—“ “Whoa there, Lai. It’s his cat. He loves that animal. In some weird convoluted way, I’m like a helpless, blind cat stuck in a tree. Pun intended.” But do I really want to face these flesh-eaters? I’m blind, for goodness sakes. I shook my head. “And we were going to come across these things sooner or later, so we might as well just... go.” My speech became more of a reassurance for myself rather than Lai, but she believed it too. “Fine. Let’s go get the cat.” “Keita!” I yelled. “Yes!” “We’re coming too.” Authors note: wahh so scary! Oh is it just me? Ok -cough- sorry. Let me know what you think!

Hey! I am pretty new here. I first started 11/17/2015 (so yesterday.) and I am a person who loves writing, languages, cooking recipes, fashion, and anime, but my main priority is writing! I hope that I will be able to make many new friends! If you have a wattpad follow me! My name is ririchiyo14!
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