Ramblings of the paranoid and "low self esteemed."

Sometimes I need a new page I'll halfway write a poem and leave it, for days or weeks or months have to tell my negative thoughts to beat it. 180 degrees of observations written on scrolls and folded pages, a child by the body with the mind of ancient sages.

Now I'm watching "The Good Wife" not your typical hood type, I'm complicated. People state this as s compliment, but if it's really one could be debated. Thoroughly torn apart by this culture; knowledge of self? Delapadated. Selfish ones don't understand the mind's of the maniacs they've created

Writing about the same things gotten into the habit of making it rhyme, disguising it by the term poetry but it is hip hop that's on my mind. I don't aspire to be the next rapper, but it'd be a good hobby to break the routine the way it's portrayed on tv no wonder is the typical black man's dream. Though if all minds knew as I do they'd see its not exactly as it seems. Vibrations, waves and negative energy are emitting from these screens.

Born and raised on a peninsula within a peninsula.
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