I need some help. Trying to remember an anime I watched when I was younger.

All I remember from it is this--- there's a boy he's still in school. Can transform into a girl to fight monsters. The girl is more or less just using the boys body to fight since something happened to hers. and she can control the boys movements example: she made him grab his crushes hands and pulled her close. Oh one more thing I remember, there was a 2 or 3 headed ooze monster. it was like a big blob with 2 or 3 heads that to me kinds looked like dogs or gargoyles. The girl took over the boys body and transformed to fight it. PLEASE if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about please say something. I haven't seen that anime in years. I just can't seem to remember anymore about it or what it's called. Thank you!

23/f married with 1 kid and 2 step kids. huge anime fan. love video games of all kinds! I'm a little awkward so just a heads up ;p
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