The Harry Potter Audition Tapes YOU HAVE TO SEE

They were just as perfect back then!

The Harry Potter audition tapes have hit the Internet and everyone is fawning over just how adorable Daniel Radcliffe is in his Harry Potter audition. It goes to prove that even Radcliffe had raw talent far before he was ever cast in the role as Harry Potter. In a second clip, there's Emma Watson and Rupert Grint playing Hermione and Ron. They too were bloody brilliant!

Most fans are always curious as to how the biggest names in Hollywood got their big break. Well thanks to these audition tapes, fans are able to get an inside look in how they were successfully able to capture their roles. They were young and innocent back then but look at where they are today! Could you imagine anyone else playing these Harry, Hermione, and Ron!?

Hogwarts was very lucky to bring these three wizards into it's doors and fans are even more appreciative that they were the ones who showed up on the silver screen. There isn't anyone else who I would have wanted to play 'The Boy Who Lived'. Some however may disagree.

Thoughts on the tapes?

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