I'm so sad Vingle

I just seem to keep losing friends. In the span of two weeks I've lost 3. The first was a girl who I had hung out with a few times and talked to pretty regularly, right before thanksgiving she just stopped talking to me out of nowhere and I still haven't found a reason. Another friend has dropped off the face of the earth (for mutual friends as well not just me) and no one can seem to reach them. The third has been admitted to the hospital this morning, due to unknown causes and I am not able to go visit him. Pile on top my usually depressive struggle, anxiety and now I'm posting a whiney sob story on Vingle so I get the "you're just bitching voice" (we promise it's not us ~0ctober's normal voices in his head). Sigh...well there you have it...bash away

Otaku, gamer, veteran Pokemon trainer, writer, artist, and all around nerd. I like grim and Gothic things, dark humor (really all humor) and food. I often talk to myself and have names the voices in my head; they interrupt me and are normally the people talking in my parentheses.
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