The 6 Funniest Lines From Big Hero 6


Because Civil War is gonna hurt too much.

Enter Big Hero 6. It's adorable, it's still Marvel and while it starts out sad it's somehow LESS upsetting than Civil War looks like it's going to be.


"I am not fast."

Incidentally, I say this every time I go running.


"Scary but cool."

Famous last words. Probably also my last words.



You can't tell me you didn't start doing this with your friends. Because it's adorable.


"Hairy... BABY!"

If you've ever been drunk in a place with a cat... this one might be a little too relatable.


"Imagine eating a sandwich..."

Was anyone really surprised when it turned out Stan Lee is this guy's dad?


"We jumped out a window!"

Nobody programmed the ability to whisper, huh?


Honorable mention:

Go Go: There are no red lights during car chases!

Wasabi: If I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd like this. But, I'm terrified of heights, so I don't like this.

Baymax: You have been a good boy. You may have a lollipop.

Go Go: My brain hates my eyes for seeing that.

And remember Marvelers...


No matter what happens during Civil War, you'll be all right. We have each other.

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