Anime Christmas gifts Day 3


Hello wonderful anime fam ( waves)! anyways Christmas is coming up and some of you might not know what to get your anime loving friends, boy friend, girl friend ECT so i thought id help and give you some ideas! everyday until December 20th ill make a card showing anime/gamer gifts ideas...i know some people have a time trying to figure out to give so that's one of the main reasons im doing this!

so anyway each card will have 2 gift recommendations!

yesterdays card:

Anime wall decal's!!!!

Anime wall decals are extremely cool and create an awesome atmosphere! they are peel-able off the walls and should not damage it! they are also pretty cheep considering their size of some. the prices vary between the sizes of them but most are under 20$. depending on where you get the decal one that is 20$ could be 10$! you can find decals on many websites but ones i recommend are Esty and Ebay! these will make any friend, girl/boy friend happy!

Anime phone cases!!!

if you love anime you'll love anime phone cases!! almost any anime you can think of has a phone case and most cases are made for almost any name brand phone!! you can even get one made! most phone cases have varied prices considering the type of phone, its protectiveness and where its from but most are under 30$! you can find phone cases ao amazon, ebay or anime , esty and there's tons of others as well!

If you wanna see more check out my Christmas collection!! and stay tuned!

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