Example without why:

Person A:Person B:

Example with why:

Person A:Person B:

You see!?! You see what I'm getting at!?! It's the key to one's mindset! Their frame of mind! The very reason of their actions! It's a profound question!!! Yet the general public doesn't see it that way! Which makes it so EASY for people like me! I can ask why to anyone I want, and they don't think twice! They just answer it, and don't understand that they have given me a higher understanding of them!

I find it entertaining to introduce myself as a mind hacker to new friends. The look on their faces when I predict everything they do. It's so... so... never mind. All I need to do is ask why a few times, and its easy to tell what kind of person they are, and I can even sometimes predict what happened to them in their childhood (ex. adopted, divorced parents, parent died, low income family, etc.) just by they act and how they answer why. It makes it too easy.

I mean... we really should be more careful when answering such a profound and important question... answer in detail... ask yourself why at least twice.

Asking why once:

Person A:Person B:

Asking why twice:

Person A:Person B:Person A:Person B:

See where I'm going with this? Seriously... people just let me understand them far more that they had originally hoped for. Then I start flinging predictions at them, and I never see them again because I understand them all too well. It's hard to do online, but so easy in real life. You get to see the other person squirm, or get more on edge, or tense up. It all reveals information about that person.


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