[OOU No.2] Cells - Part 1

Cells. They are small. They are boring. Why talk about cells when I could be talking about how multiple telescopes are pointed at a black hole currently swallowing a sun the size of ours, then proceeding to emit high intensity rays of whatnot goodness?

Because cells have a fun history, and I find it best if we start out small, and easy. Just so we can get the hang of things here. I'll do a write up about your fancy black hole whatnot later. Now back onto the boring topic at hand. Where was I?

Oh yes! Cells. The tiny things that make you up. Awesome. Where to start... where to start... Ahah! What better place to start than the diverse history of the beautiful wiggly thing.







The Cell Theory Today


That's a Wrap

Please tell me how you thought the first Our Odd Universe went! Was it too boring? Do you like my stickmen and terrible sense of humor? PLEASE tell me your opinions in the comments, and let me know what I should add or take away. I promise the next ones won't be as boring!!!

Hi. I'm Me. Me has yet to fully meet Myself, and I seems very excited to get to know Me and Myself. Well... not quite. We kinda hate each other, but it's a lot of fun to hang out with Myself and I! If ya wanna talk... then... uhh... use smoke signals. (al3xanderbeta@gmail.com)
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