Finding Happiness in Health


It's is true: when we are healthy, we just feel better.

However, better health doesn't provide absolute happiness. It's worth remembering that when old problems go away, new problems form. Losing weight didn't quite give me that earth-shattering happiness that I was promised by the lean, bubbly girls on television.

I was given something more real.

I Found Energy

Working out gives you far more energy than a copious amount of coffee can ever provide. Imagine, jumping out of bed a lick before sunset, feeling pumped to get your daily iron. It's the best feeling in the world -- to be able to just feel alive and energized. Fitness and healthy eating habits can give you the energy you need.

I Found Confidence

I went from hiding my face from photos, to wanting to flex and flaunt every muscle I am proud I've gained. Oversized shirts became a thing of the past. I also believed in myself -- I

I Found Inspiration...

In myself. I wanted to become my best ME. For the first time, I looked to myself for inspiration. I sought to better myself. I no longer wanted to live in somebody else's body.

I Found Strength

The strength came in so many different ways. I found strength in mind, body, and soul. Everyday I ran a little faster, lifted a little heavier,

I Found Power

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