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This is another OC that I drew using GIMP. **DON'T STEAL!** He has my signature!

Name: Ishmael Age: 9 (40+ Human Years) Fandom: None Ishmael is the most musically talented being ever known. He can use almost anything like an instrument, the sound of his wondrous music warping the minds of those who hear it. When he was younger, his peers made fun of him because he wasn't able to do what all of the other satyrs could physically do. He couldn't lift heavy tools, couldn't run satyr obstacle courses: he was physically weak compared to everyone else. Ishmael, unaware of his powers, played sad music to cope with his emotions. On one especially bad day, Ishmael played a song so sad that both of his parents died of brain failure from listening to it. Out of fear of Ishmael's powers, his own clan forced him to exile: to live as an orphan alone. Distraught by his parents' death, he vowed never again to play a sad song, and to spread happiness instead of sadness. He will never kill, but if threatened will lull you into deep sleep with a lullaby.

I am an Anime character reborn into some cruddy world you people call "Earth". You may call me an Otaku, but I'm a Shinigami.
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