The best episode of Archer?

What's everyone's favorite episode?

Hello fellow Archer fans! As fans of this great show we all have our favorite episode and I want to know what's yours?

Season 6 episode 5

My favorite, thus far, is in season 6 episode 5 in which the entire main cast (excluding Malory) gets trapped in an elevator. We all know these characters are some of the most outrageous and over the top in all of television but what happens when happens when these extreme personalities come together all at the same time?

Chaos Commences

Im sure they've all been in the same room at the same time, in fact it seemed that was all of season 5, but never in this tight of space and never the entire episode. For a full 20 mins we get these people bouncing crazy idea after crazy idea off each other and every line gets funnier and funnier.

There is more exciting episodes but this made me laugh the most. The conclusion to the episode is exactly what you expect from Archer but that just makes it more enjoyable.

Now It's Your Turn

Tell me (and everyone else) what's your favorite episode of Archer? I would say let me know in the comments but let's make this fun shall we? Make a card and let everyone know what it is. Or just let me know in the comments that's cool too.@danidee

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