What is this?

I just felt a new feeling

a feeling I can't describe.

All I know is that it was a feeling I felt deep deep inside

It was a feeling that was unique

One that reminded me of a great divide

A picture was all it took

A girl with brown hair and eyes

She was pretty but her eyes held a look

A look that described what once was

And can never be again

But it happened with due cause

I no longer remember her

Or what she made me feel

She's now just a stranger

Who hurt me when I needed to heal

When I see her

I see who I love now

Not her the ex

The one I fell for and don't know how

Instead of seeing that face and feeling pain

I see the one who has my heart

Or what remains

No anger fighting sadness or distrust

Just happy hope and uncontrollable lust

That face I once woke up besides

Now has no meaning

Only a memory beware the ides

Not of march but of May

And every other month year and day

That I won't let things happen again

You hear what I say

I love the one whose face I painted on my soul

Whose love and honesty filled the hole

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