Anime Christmas gifts Day 5


Hello wonderful anime fam ( waves)! anyways Christmas is coming up and some of you might not know what to get your anime loving friends, boy friend, girl friend ECT so i thought id help and give you some ideas! everyday until December 20th ill make a card showing anime/gamer gifts ideas...i know some people have a time trying to figure out to give so that's one of the main reasons im doing this!

so anyway each card will have 2 gift recommendations!

yesterdays card:

Anime keyboard decal stickers!!

This gift is great for any gamer/anime lover who loves to type or game! these stickers come on and off and should not harm your keyboard in any way!!

These stickers are usually priced at 7$ (excluding s &h).

you can find these on esty, ebay and amazon!

Anime Mouse pads!!

i dont think you need much explaining to know what these are!

anyway these are usually priced under 10$ (excluding s&h) and are great for your computer loving/ anime loving friend, boy/girl friend ect!

you can mainly find these on esty , but they can also be found on many other websites including ebay!

If you wanna see more check out my Christmas collection!! and stay tuned!

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