[086] fighting with Satan [summary] Today, as the world is not hanjeokyi He broke His heart filled with Satan's temptation and sin. And Satan knows full well that my time is running out and that is the last balak, and by mobilizing the church leaders to establish two drove to the Lord and Mary, who expressed in Naju. So to better understand the role that Satan wanted to let you win in a tough fight against Satan. "You awake to pray with my precious little soul is because to be able to enjoy the last day of eternal happiness before My throne, the kingdom of heaven." (06/30/2008 Jesus) 1. Satan would want ① should be rejected until the Lady eager souls. I ② want to destroy the church. I ③ want to destroy life in the soul ④ also does not cover the place apart trying gateun means and methods among priests. ⑤ welcomes the error. ⑥ justified to make even all the sins and live in sin ⑦ as immoral also destroys human dignity ⑧ makes the ruthless murder of a number of abortion ⑨ spreads the trend to downplay the Lord's holy law ⑩ judged as adults think, act, and be confident to fall into the trap ⑪ be mobilized to give false testimony or to describe the supernatural ⑫ hear the false testimony could not be judged free from Our Lady of the way and the truth, criticism, and condemned to abandon it. ⑬ is hoping to get off the lights of the world and try to bring down the world. ⑭ Satan is endless catastrophe of causing hellish and inexorable circle. ⑮ a new heaven and a new earth, Satan did me far away to be achieved and the final balak 16. The compromise many children to selfishness and secularism. 17 to close the door to shake like a heart mark on the trend in the apostate Julia's over with the leaders of 18 churches adopt a two drove to Naju Blessed Mother 19 deny the Eucharistic miracles in Naju and who thereby transformed into two. By mobilizing up to 20 church leaders adopt the two drove to the Lord and Mary, who expressed in Naju 21 eager soul spreads even in error to reject the Blessed Mother. 2. How to defeat Satan ① coincides with love It ② fight holding a shield of love. Then reveal their identity ③ faith and love to be nailed Satan ④ matchless bravery in the spirit of martyrdom, according to the Blessed Mother to fight with Satan ⑤ pray and watch with Julia's little soul. Message of Love; 1. shall accord with love. If it does go through love, Satan will retreat. Dao is the Apostle of the Sacred Heart. So Dao to comfort me. (05/11/1986 Our Lady) 2. Now it increases gradually going into Satan's tyranny terrifying force, Putting burigo Satan is rampant hagekkeum rejected me, even the eager souls. (1987.5.17. Mary) 3. Satan wants to destroy my church wants to destroy life in the soul. But do not you need shalt not revealed their identity when they fight, holding up the shield of love? (29/01/1989 Our Lady) 4. For Red Gala to place among the priests also mobilized, but without cover ways and means gateun, however, shall prevent rusting Satan the enemy with your faith and love. So Dao to cooperate in the sphere many souls. (03/05/1990 Our Lady) 5. Because so many children have joined Pinnacle my earnest appeal while rejecting the red dragon, my enemy is Satan and welcomed the error, can lead to a moral relaxation, justifying even all their sins by making living in sin. So as immoral and destructive to human dignity to corrupt even the conscience, it makes it brutally murders of a number of abortion. (03/25/1991 Our Lady) 6. to spreading the trend to downplay the Lord's holy law, Satan is the balak However, when the sound of prayer dadareuneun little soul in my Sacred Heart is climbing high in the sky soars value in a burning Sacred Heart will triumph. Be sure that the victory shall see. (09/17/1991 Our Lady) 7. Believe like a child saying that it is impossible to convey to my little soul scarce and most humble in the world. I say that is because the machine makes sense to convey to all of you. Today, as the world is never hurts His heart filled with Satan and sin was not early. (1993.2.6. Mary) 8. doeeora children. Satan judged by their thoughts, and as an adult you will, action and dedicated to you By fully confident in their mind of a child realizes well that the fall in the trap and get to heaven. (02/18/1993 Our Lady) 9. Now do not know how to thank you for the grace received numerous children at the time of purification, judgment while listening to the false testimony did not forget his own two trillion kinds of truth that Satan out of my way to criticize and condemn ends up. As such, Satan got up and mobilized to give false testimony or describe a supernatural going fooled even the good people. The demons to conquer the world, well I hope the dedication we give've called you to stand against the devil with you. It is to help the little soul within me will help me to work right away. (21/01/1994 Our Lady)   Description: describe any subject or language that a phenomenon as it represents something, or drawing a picture 10. The darkness is a time when Satan's divisive battles of this world and even beyond time and space to fire Hopefully get me down to the last balak has already started trying to bring down the world but you, of my military will give raise to wear armor in battle, shall give greater confidence to go as my shield fought with the matchless bravery plant with a spirit of martyrdom, along with all the faithful give me hope. (15/08/1994 Our Lady) 11. Daughter! The message of my lack of love convey through you to become a guide of all souls only a few children aneuni Satan eopguna end inexorable circle for causing this disaster, and follow me! (02/07/1995 Our Lady) 12. Satan's tools covert sikineunde enough to dazzle many souls by writing to discern Spiritualism come to my message of love throughout the world to securely before Lucy, who enjoy eternal happiness with the Lord in Eucharistic year existence. Follow me, work for me, you will be sure to stand by my side you will see the glory. (12/06/1997 Our Lady) 13. Now is the deep night. It is a night Did not the deeper meaning came close to dawn. So do not give up, do not be disappointed or frustrated. My enemy is Satan the new heavens and the new earth, which attempted to overturn this world into darkness on that day did far be achieved are the last balak. (08/02/1998 Our Lady) 14. My opponents do a lot of the children of Satan enticed to compromise priests and even the selfishness and secularism in order to win the hearts and closes the door, they are blind to the blind, the deaf trend in the direction from the outside of the apostate in the teachings of the Orthodox Church swaying like a lost sense mark. (08/05/1999 Our Lady) 15. My enemies, a new heaven and a new earth that wish to subvert the world to this day did far be achieved by establishing darkness, Satan drove my mother is pyeolchisi the economy of love in Naju with you by the leaders of the Church as heretical to encourage contributions, even though only the decency and attention to their well-being and the outer surface, so my mother would have my Heart flaring. (05/06/2005 Jesus) 16. The spreading insidious tyranny of Satan hagekkeum error has rejected me from getting into the bigger one eager formidable force scary soul, shepherds and even wince when to degenerate into a dangerous heresy which attracted a large number of sheep to follow them to go the way of Hell, and There is no time meomutgeoril 10.19.2006 (2) Mary 17. There is no slowdown and meomutgeoril time. Spreading insidious Satan's tyranny was an error hagekkeum reject me to the eager souls through the clergy to deny to human thinking and judgment, even the miracle of the Eucharist given in Naju, was transformed into two, a number of sheep follow them to go dragged the path of hell When you have slowed and there is no danger meomutgeoril time. (07/07/2007 Our Lady) 18. The Lord Himself oil my enemy is Satan, and your Lord and this Mother pyeolchisi the dispensation of love in Naju joined by pouring built by degenerated even the shepherds can defeat the devil's jugu that wish to subvert this world into darkness two While it hoksemumin in collusion with public broadcasters to establish a secular push to bring many souls to the foolish Putting walking in the way of self-destruction. (25/12/2007 Our Lady) 19. When this is Satan's tyranny with a rampant burigo to dominate humans lend a human power, my prayer is that you wake up with precious little soul is because to be able to enjoy the last day of eternal happiness before My throne, the kingdom of heaven, "(Jesus 30/06/2008) 20. The raising of my enemy is Satan who attempted to cover the world in darkness laying drove me to the Lord, unfolding the economy of love by two total mobilization to the church leaders personally, but I reserve the convent of Mary Ark salvation to you will play a part to respond to the salvation of the world hath Amen. So I shall LOST in the arms of my beloved little soul in a more modest lowered. Satan is bothering you, you think the world through a lack of will to go back, this will be done unprecedented miracles of love, and soon will see the dawn of a new era. (02/08/2008 Our Lady) 21. My son, my beloved daughter when charge through the practice accepted the message of Jesus and the love of my soul, the body is healing leads to destruction of all souls go to heaven even though can be a shortcut to the clergy and children follow me just a few aneuni Satan relentlessly to eopguna you want for the end of the desired hellish disaster. (03/10/2011 Our Lady) l hellish: Horse ranging from the situation several people crying out in terrible suffering horribly figuratively

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