High School King of Savvy ♡

So i just finished watching this drama and i dont know what to do with my life anymore D; it was so amazing! i was so caught up in it i loved it! if you haven't seen it stop reading and go watch it now! *warning spoilers* ima talk a bit about the drama but i don't want to ruin anything for anyone. i dnt go into detail tho but just fyi honestly i really connected with Min Seok because im in a relationship where my hubby is ten years older than me so when he wasn't able to support Soo Young and felr he wasn't good enough because he was way younger and when everyone thought he was crazy for being with someone way older i knew how that felt and i loved how they were able to work things out and be happy ♡ i know this is just a drama but it felt so real to me... i guess im just weird lol also lee soo hyuk has an amazing body ♡ lmao

lol at this part i couldn't stop laughing he's so adorable when he's mad ♡

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