So just to update everyone!


So I know most of you don't know me well enough and I deeply apologise for that. I was doing the kpop challenge when i suddenly stopped. I'm going to pick that back up when I can, but for now I just wanted to let you guys in on a few things.


It seems like a whole bunch of stuff is going on. from bullying to cutting and what not. Well for me its more of a hospital visit heh. On thursday, during third period so around nine thirty, my body started to show signs of an allergic reaction. But I'm not allergic to anything. I have no food allergies, no fabric allergies, nothing. But I do have hypo thyroid. For some who don't really know what that is, its basically where my body will continuously make fat no matter how often I work out. This is common in my family, the only problem is it shows its ugly face after pregnancy. I'm not pregnant nor do I have a child. So theres no reason to have this occur right at this moment.


So Thursday i swelled up. My whole face was four times the size it normally is, my throat swelled to the point where i could barely breath. It was hard to move around. I couldnt hold a pencil and write without getting tired. That whole day I had to hide my face with my jacket until the end of the day. None of my teachers cared, nor made the effort to ask if I was ok. I literally could have died and they wouldnt care. I went to the nurse and she couldnt do anything because "I didnt sign my health form" so she sent me back. She didnt even call my mother. Like wtf?! Thankfully my last period teacher understood what was going on, called my mother, and let me use her inhaler for my throat.

I ended up going to the ER on Friday. The RN saw us, we didn't even get to see the doctor, and said that it was only an allergic reaction and it should go down soon. Mom demanded a blood draw so they could see if it was, but the refused and kicked us out. I looked like a caveman and yet its only an allergic reaction?! EXCUSE ME?! My swelling has gone down, but I'm still extremely tired and its still hard to breath, eat, swallow. Id say within this whole weekend I've only gotten three or four hours of sleep. I'm planning on seeing a doctor soon. I'm going to be honest. I'm scared. I don't scare easily but when it comes to my health, or anyone's for that matter, I get super scared lol.

But right now Im just chilling and scrolling through vingle when i decided to make this card. Im not looking for attention, but instead I just wanted to share my personal life with all of you. I hope your days are going good! I just wanted to add some random images! I'm staying positive and i want everyone else to stay positive as well. Don't let people bring ya down kay?

I love kpop, anime, wedding dresses and so much more. 😊
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